This project is about perception and observation.

I walk daily in the woods, often I am attracted to places outside the path where I find various forest spaces or different scenes. Sometimes I clean up twigs to create an interesting line, or remove heather as shadows for a round dark pond. To photograph what I see or find. I process the photos and transfer them to suitable material.

As a result of the drought this summer there were very many trees that fell when the autumn winds came.
One of the trees that fell this fall affected me especially, and I started taking pictures of it every time I passed it. We can destroy our basis of life, but nature is a continuous organism that we cannot destroy. In the work I try to catch something that reminds me of it.

The natural intelligence of the tree when the foundation of life is removed is to withdraw the power and fall when the wind comes.
I think of natural intelligence like in and out breathing, we get, and we give back. The symbiosis with the trees is very concrete, but we have long forgotten to breathe out or give back to nature. The tree does not need me or that I take or make pictures or halos around it, but as a human I am dependent on the tree. It touches me.

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